Check engine light on... It can be frustrating when your engine light comes on and you don’t know why. When you get any service here at Certified Auto Service of Boca Raton, FL we provide a free vehicle checkup. The best way to save the most when a service light comes on is to address it right away. Our customers are never afraid to come into ask why their service light is on because we are honest. If you do not need something why should you get it? We only repair what you need! Certified Auto Service of Boca Raton, FL is the central location for all of your foreign and domestic auto service needs.
Maintain your vehicle and prevent major repairs. Regular maintenance for your vehicle can prevent more severe problems from arising. When you bring your car to us for any service we provide a free vehicle checkup every time. The health of your vehicle is important to us at Certified Auto Service of Boca Raton, FL. We use only the best parts and tools to service your vehicle.
Preferred Service We provide direct and reliable answers at affordable prices to a consistent group of customers. Our service is referred to friends and family by everyone we help. For safe and trusted auto service, call (561) 394-4044.
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Keep your car and save. Today more and more people are deciding to keep their cars. The burden of a monthly car payment is not as easy to forgo in today’s struggling economy. Are you thinking of buying a new car to try and save at the pump? You might want to think twice. If you measure the cost of a new vehicle to keeping your car, you save. Our customers keep their cars because we keep them on the road for less.
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