Our technicians can service foreign and domestic vehicles. Are you afraid to visit the dealership that you bought your car at because your warranty has expired? Avoid the worry and call Certified Auto Service of Boca Raton, FL at (561) 394-4044. We offer services ranging from a simple oil change all the way to a complete engine reinstall. All of the parts we use are warrantied and tested for the best service. We can handle nearly all makes and models both foreign and domestic. Dependable and friendly service. Our company is family owned and operated. We always work hard to keep our customers happy. Certified Auto Service of Boca Raton, FL is trusted by customers and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
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Accredited and Trusted Service We are certified by the A.S.E. to ensure that every customer receives automotive service excellence. There are several tools that a good mechanic should have and certification with the A.S.E. is one of the most important. Do you still have questions about our ability to handle your auto repairs? We can answer any questions you may have, call (561) 394-4044.
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Customers stay with us. Why do customers choose Certified Auto Service of Boca Raton,FL? We are different than other repair services.
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Do you have questions? Our technicians are available to help with any questions that you may have.
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